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        Couples Couselling 
        Relationship Counselling
        will help you;
        Return to love and harmony.
        Discover new ways of relating
  Make lasting change to your relationship

Couples Counselling Christchurch

We must accept that there may be some aspects of our personality and behaviour that need to change

Couples Therapy Christchurch

Discover how behaviour pattens that originate in childhood dictate how we relate as an adult

Relationship Counselling Christchurch

In order to get permanent rather that short term change:
Acknowledgement : Recognizing that there is a problem and that problems in relationships is normal
Allow :Allow an honest and in-depth reflection of of our personality so that we can an accurate view of what is going on
Acceptance :We must accept that there may be some aspects of our personality and behaviour that need to change
Change & review : We make change within ourselves by reflecting reviewing and appraising how we behave after that fact
Action :We must catch our unhelpful behaviour as it happens and do it differently. Over and over until we create new behaviour habits
Alternatives :Deliberately and consciously introduce alternative strategies that create loving respectful communication

Marriage Counselling Christchurch

You will understand that loving, respectful connection is top priority in all your interactions and become pro-active about being engaged with those close to you. Couples Counselling will give you the skills to do so

  • Providing an opportunity for you to discover, and get help for, the underlying causes of challenges you face in your relationship;
  • Assist you to gain insight into the hidden dynamics of your relationship, how these are affecting your relationship right now, and what must be done if a change is to occur;
  • De-escalating conflict;
  • Provide hope and strategies as to how to get your relationship back on track, including a step by step outline for moving forward and coming back to love and harmony.
“ The new skills my wife and I learned at counselling with Ian saved our marriage “
“Ian really knows his stuff, the Integrated couples therapy (ICT) model Ian taught us was easy to follow, it provided step by step instructions that stopped our arguments after the first session”
“Brilliant, we highly recommend couplesconnected counselling, the skills we learned changed the way my partner and I communicate with each other and our children”
“Thank you Ian! I was amazed when I understood how much of my communication was old patterns from my past”
“They should teach this stuff at school, it changed the way I approach conflict with my husband...I feel so much closer to him now”